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Based on our evaluation of your website, our first step will be to improve or remake your website to ensure that visitors (as well as search engines) can easily navigate and find the specific information they need. It is also to assure compliance with best practices for design and layout. Here are a few of the tasks that will be implemented or enhanced. Many of these tasks will assist in basic conversion strategies:

  1. Simplify the navigation process so that it is consistent across all pages.
  2. Review the content on the home page. In simple terms, what action are you asking the visitor to take? Call? Request more information? Purchase?
  3. Create unique pages based on the targeted key words so that when a visitor lands on a page we are answering their needs clearly and in simple terms.
  4. Assure a consistent footer so that visitors can find information easily.
  5. Implement an advanced site map for users and search engines.
  6. Implement advanced web analytics to measure website traffic both on and off site.

Next we'll focus on content and how information is presented to a visitor. Here are some of the advanced conversion strategies we will need to discuss, implement or enhance:

  1. Create a clear call-to-action strategy. What action do we want the visitor to take? Is this clear and easily understood?
  2. Make it easy for your website visitor to contact you if they have a question or if they are ready to take a desired action. Each page should have a contact form clearly showing the phone number or contact on each page.
  3. Improve your offer - when you ask your website visitors to take an action, what perceived value are you offering them? Protection? Savings?
  4. Write clear explanations of benefits (above coverage) - focus on the benefit for the visitor.
  5. Content should be created for the average reader.
  6. Add testimonials- positive experiences you share with visitors are perceived as an experience they can have.
  7. Clearly display service guarantees. These are promises you make to your customer about the service you provide.
  8. Build trust and share your expertise. Shout about any awards you may have won.

What is your strategy for the future? How do you design the customer experience to improve conversion and satisfaction across different hardware and software platforms such as mobile devices?

My guess is that your website could use an update. Leverage our experience and talent to help you achieve new growth.Wishing it done will not get it done...

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