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When we talk about digital online marketing, we're really talking about a diverse arrangement of marketing strategies, ranging from blogs and social media, to video and PPC campaigns. At TCN we've been helping businesses here in Rochester NY, as well as throughout the country.

Customized Online Marketing Campaigns Designed Around You

Each business makes its own unique statement, and it's our job to make sure that the maximum number of prospects hear it. By carefully evaluating your industry and best client models, we can tailor a digital marketing strategy that is effective, engaging, and reflective of your organization's image to a significantly wider and more in-tune audience.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing accounts for a strong percentage of the most effective SEO and website branding campaigns. TCN utilizes a broad range of services to work in tandem with your other marketing efforts. Highly-targeted, affordable and guaranteed to increase online traffic, the right combination of inbound marketing services can take your business to levels once considered otherwise unreachable.

Content Marketing

When was the last time you read the content on your website? If you wrote it yourself, how much emphasis did you put on things like industry codes and geographic optimization? The words on your website's many pages are no longer there simply to tell stories. Content serves as one of the most dominant and important elements of an SEO-friendly website... at TCN, we make sure yours is optimized, timely and editorially-correct.

E-mail Marketing

Even we have heard the stories about the alleged ineffectiveness of e-mail marketing. But make no mistake; these are different times and the mass e-mail blasts of old, have been replaced with highly-targeted, professionally-coordinated & strategic e-mail campaigns. TCN offers everything you need for a successful e-mail prospecting or communication solution, from targeted lists and professional writing, to newsletter templates and design services.

If your current marketing campaign isn't generating the volume of traffic you need to thrive, contact or call TCN at (585) 424-5090 to schedule your free initial consultation and website evaluation. We're located in Rochester NY, and serve customers throughout the country.

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If you're ready to take your online presence and digital market share to the next level, TCN is here and ready to help you get there. We proudly serve clients throughout the US.
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