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Reach out ...We can assist you in looking at the potential of any idea you have for a new way to do anything on the web. We will take your concept through development to market like we have done for so many others. We'll start with some market research and get you started on the right foot. Call now 1-585-750-5004 or contact us by email for a confidential consultation.

"Dave had an idea to develop a SMS alert system for small colleges and universities. We helped him not only put the raw idea into a working system but gave him the flexibility to aggregate the purchase of messages and a simple way to manage 100's of clients."



"Henry and his team wanted to expand on a technology they had invested in. Not only did we deliver but have assisted in securing two patents and have one pending. We can make a difference for your initiative..."

The team at MyWebYellow was looking for a way to collect more data for their national yellow pages We delivered! (and secured an amazing patent for them)


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