... if you're doing pay per click we'll show you how to do it better

Top page position on the search engines, something every business strives for, is something that can be coordinated with the major search engines based on--what we in the business refer to as--a pay-per-click, basis. And as anyone who has worked on one will attest to, they require an expert-level knowledge of keyword search terms, industry tags, phrase arrangement and many other elements.

When created and executed properly, however, they can be an ideal way to roll out a new product/service, open a new location, or boost the efforts or a blog or video campaign. TCN has worked with companies & organizations of every genre, to create and manage affordable & successful PPC campaigns.

Specializing in Search Engine & Social Media PPC

Regardless of which area you're targeting, and keeping in line with your industry and social media preferences, TCN will work with you to structure a PPC campaign that hits all major keywords, while keeping you within a budget you can live with.

Google AdWords(TM)

It may be one of the newest members of the social media SEO club, but Google+ has already emerged as one of the most versatile and SEO-supporting online social applications. With features like Google+ Authorship, Google+ Local, Places, online reviews and others, it's vital to ensure that your profile is developed in a manner that is SEO-correct and capable of attracting the right audience.

Social Media PPC

While Facebook is clearly among the most popular social media PPC sites, just about every social media website has some form of pay-per-click advertising in place now. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your target market and industry, to determine which sites should be given the most time and attention.

Banner Ads

Many companies are in industries that do exceptionally well with banner ads, and don't even realize it. They're a favorite among larger businesses and corporations and, when developed properly, can be highly effective when targeting certain markets, promoting events, attracting new subscribers and more. TCN can handle everything from graphic banner design and listing, to tracking and click-rate reports.

If you've budgeted for PPC in 2014 and need the expertise of a proven leader, call TCN to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached at (585) 424-5090 or through the contact section of our website.

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