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Deciding on a great logo is a very difficult task allow TCN to create your brand and make sure that your image is remembered.we've created hundreds of logos that are remembered.  Once these designs are done they can be used for everything from your website,letterhead, brochures, business cards, e-mail campaigns,and presentations to provide a clear brand recognition for your company.

A Good Logo is What They’ll Remember

There is a problem with being vague! If you’re vague, no one can remember exactly what you meant. When giving directions, we give landmarks and specifics because that’s how others can remember what they’re looking for. In the wilderness of competing businesses, few people ever remember a company they can’t identify quickly among the jungle of signs, colors, and fonts.  In the end, your logo is one of the most important elements in the appearance of your company; if you don’t take time to hire a professional, you could fade into the background and disappear as stronger and braver companies leap out at the consumers. Just remember that the companies people can remember get the business! 

Make Your Mark!

Never fall into the trap of just drawing a circle and then typing your company name inside! This is FORGETTABLE! You don’t want to be forgettable! You want to be unique, clever, colorful, simple; you want to be MEMORABLE! The greatest logos out there are recognizable from a distance, and their products or services are remembered just as quickly. TCN has helped to create hundreds of logos that are now community favorites and will last through the ages. A good logo comes from within! No joke! Within the very core of your business- retail, arts, services- you will find those essential elements that should be a part of your logo.  TCN will help you carefully find those significant images that represent you best.

Then Use it!

Too many companies have a logo created, put it on their sign or on the web, and then they move on. Don’t let the busyness of your business bury your identity! Remind people who they’re dealing with in all of your dealings! Use that logo on letterheads, products, in emails, on your social media accounts, print off business cards with it, make brochures. Wear it and share it! By using your custom-made and memorable logo, you’re going to give your company its place on the map of the business market.

TCN Logos Are Branding At It’s Finest

Cattle ranchers used their brand to claim their property. In the same way, a smart business will use their logo to claim their territory. Your products, property, and customers will identify with the logo you create, so make sure you have a brand that you can be proud of. TCN has spent years in the marketing industry carefully crafting solid identities for our clients. We know that you deserve to put your best face forward, and we’re determined to give you that. We take into consideration your product, your name, your location, your target demographic, and of course, your opinion. You and your customers will agree that your logo fits you perfectly!

If you're ready for a new logo that represents your brand in a way that people will find unforgettable contact us today.

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