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You might well be thinking, “Forget marketing with it; what the heck is QR coding anyway?” We certainly can appreciate the fact that QR code marketing is so new that some people still don’t even know what it is. So think back in your mind and consider if you’ve ever seen the 2 dimensional black and white square patterns printed into advertisements in malls and airports or on coupons. These squares (which contain geometric shapes and patterns) are actually most comparable to the barcodes that serve as a bridge between the physical world and the digital world! Sure, it might sound a little sci-fi, but truthfully it isn’t at all! QR marketing has allowed thousands of well-informed businesses to synchronize their printed and digital marketing campaigns, which has resulted in much better results in their ROI. When you’re working with TCN, we can easily provide you with affordable and highly effective QR codes for any marketing campaign. We are also more than happy to direct our experience toward creating a successful QR code marketing campaign for you. 

So, QR Codes work how?

QR codes are actually pretty simple science to understand when considering it in the context of our digitally hyped up world. We mentioned how QR codes are similar to the barcodes that clerks scan in the store. Just think of them as barcodes that contain a hyperlink embedded in a printed source. Hyperlinks on the Internet direct you to a specific page where you can access the information that is valuable to you. A QR code does the same, except you can’t click on it. Instead, consumers simply scan it with their phone and if they have the software on their phone that can read the QR code, they will be directed to do a specific action or provide the specific information they need.

QR Codes Offer Countless Options

There’s so many ways to use this technology that your limit is probably going to be how creative you can be. QR codes open your doors to fantastic cross over. Print up advertisements and post them around town, and with a QR code, you’ll suddenly find that you can make your promotions easily accessible. QR codes can be found printed in brochures, on business cards, in poster displays near public common areas, or on coupons for quick redeem-ability. The options for use are just as varied. A QR code can lead to a web page or it can dial a phone number. They can enable the consumer to view a Google maps location, a video clip, a social media account, or even download contact details.

Stop and Smell the Advantages of a QR Code From TCN

We’re talking about an opportunity that is rife with benefits, which include:

  • Thinking Green: One QR code can be used repeatedly, which optimizes use of each copy and means that you’re responsible for fewer dead trees.
  • Versatile: These codes can be used for a myriad of actions.
  • Cheap: With TCN, these codes cost very little to produce and are easily managed for your marketing campaign.

You can customize your QR code. You can call customers to action. You can even measure how effective your marketing campaign has been with software that tracks how often consumers scan and use the QR code.

Let our team help you put your best foot forward and actually start seeing the results!

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