...clearly understand consumer behavior and how they search for what you provide

So where to begin...knowledge and knowledge in today's economy is money. We will help you find and understand who, what, when, where, and how consumers are searching for your products, skills and services.

Is this the right city to launch a new location?is there a need? is a business needed?, what your competition like? We will help you uncover the answers through our market research just exactly what you can expect.  Getting started on the right foot is one of the keys to success.

What is the Point of Marketing?

There’s no reason to beat around the bush; our services at TCN are based on the essential need for marketing. We know and you know that business is more than a matter of goods and services. If people don’t know you exist, they’re never going to buy your product. Marketing comes down to the methods and strategies that you use to increase knowledge of and familiarity with your company as well as the decisions you make for growth. Marketing is how you keep your clients, customers, and fans aware of you. Of course, with TCN, we hope you’ll take it one step further. Don’t just let them know you’re out there, but convert knowledge into sales! Marketing investments are only worth it when they’re bringing in business. Conversion marketing is what TCN is all about.

Research Before Deciding

As your company approaches important decisions that will impact your future, you want to know you’re moving forward with open eyes. Opening new locations, putting up a billboard, broadening your reach, investing in another marketing campaign—these are all moments when making the right decision is crucial. TCN has worked for 20 years as leaders in the marketing research industry. We have developed methods of research and processes that help us provide our clients with the best information possible and the advice to match.

Ask the Right Questions

When marketing and growth are on the table, you’ll do best if you have the information to make an educated decision. Learning to ask the right questions is essential. Here at TCN, we can show you exactly what questions to ask. If your company is thinking of opening up a new location, we’ll carefully analyze the situation and consider all the variables. It’s not just a matter of what building you’re looking at renting, but also these factors:

  • How well are businesses doing in this area?
  • Is there a need there for the good or service you provide?
  • What will the competition be like in the area?

Our team can collect the data to answer these questions and help you make wise decisions that lead to success!

3 Reasons You Need Market Research

At TCN we encourage our clients to be armed with information so as to make the best choices for their business. Of all the reasons this is important, here are three of the most critical:

  1. Marketing Research Helps You Know Where There’s a Need!: Sure, your t-shirts are well made, but if everyone in the area wears only sweaters, you’re never going to make sales. That’s the idea behind knowing what people are looking for. You can understand either what product you should be creating or where to take the product you already have to offer!
  2. Marketing Research Helps You Know Your Competition: You accepted the fact that you’re going to have competition the minute you chose to start a business. However, this doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore their prices, policies, services, and products.
  3. Marketing Research Helps You Know Your Target Demographic: Branding your company, advertising your products, and investing in marketing campaigns are all efforts that are 100% affected by the demographic interested in your product. It’s important to understand your target demographic and how they feel about your company so that you can cater to their interests and provide them the best service possible.

TCN marketing research will provide you with expert advice and accurate information so that you can make the decisions that will carry your company forward to great success!

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