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SMS Marketing

SMS is a way of messaging directly to cell phones. It begins with an effective way to draw consumers attention. This can be done via a call to action from your website and then simple and easy way to deliver these messages. TCN has developed a unique way that is both mobile compatible and robust.

SMS Marketing = Direct Access

One of the big mysteries of marketing for many businesses is how best to get your message into the homes and heads of your audience. When the radio was a big deal, businesses advertised through it to get their message into the homes of their audiences. When the movie theatre was in full swing, businesses advertised there. When television came along, it became the largest and most successful source of advertising ever as it brought glitzy commercials right into the heart of the American home. But these days, how do you get your message into the home of your customers? What if you could slip your advertisement right into their pockets? Would you? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! SO WHY AREN’T YOU?

SMS marketing is perhaps the most direct marketing strategy EVER to be invented. Instead of hoping your clients are watching television you can send your message directly to them. You can cut out the middleman. You can put your ads right into their pocket! Over 91% of adults own cellular devices. And whether they’re behind the times and still using a basic phone or they stand among the ranks of professionals and privateers who live on a smart phone, SMS or text messaging marketing is going to reach them all the same!

Let TCN Help You Jump On the Bandwagon

If you aren’t yet convinced that SMS Marketing should be in your marketing portfolio, we need to talk. TCN has been helping businesses master SMS marketing for years, which means that our team has the experience and training to provide you with top-notch assistance as you set up your marketing strategy. This matters because all the experts say that 2014 is the year when SMS marketing is going to grow into itself and become the cost-effective preferred method of marketing for all businesses everywhere. The point is, unlike all the other SMS marketers, we’ve been at this for a long time and we have unique methods of getting your message delivered. Trust our experience to help you settle in squarely.

Top 5 Reasons You Really Want to do SMS Marketing

  1. SMS is Simple: As Da Vinci put it, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If you want a marketing method that’s smooth to run and simple to master, then you’re looking for SMS marketing. Short messages are easily sent to specific groups that result in incredibly high sales-conversion rates.
  2. Instant Delivery: We mean INSTANT! We create a cool, client savvy, SHORT message and press “send.” Your message arrives at your audience NOW. Delivery is literally less than 7 seconds for most SMS messages.
  3. The Opt-in Express: Climb on board the ride! Thrill at how easy it is to get your audience to CHOOSE to get your messages. With so many services, people have to provide their name, age, birth date, weight, height, address, zip code, blood type, social security number, favorite color… they get lost in the details and personal information and NO, they don’t want to give it to you. With SMS, your audience only needs to provide one piece of information to get your promotions- their cell number. Easy enough to give away! Because they can opt-in and opt-out with such ease, you’ll have no problem building up your SMS database.
  4. King of Conversion: SMS marketing is the current title holder of “Highest Conversion Rate” on the market. Because you put your promotion or link right in their hand, you can count on your audience to take action. SMS is the easiest way to translate marketing investment into ROI.
  5. Limitless Potential: Cell phone use is only growing. More phones are sold everyday. The umbilical cord of technology is increasing its bond, and your presence in the lives of your audience is just that easy to maintain.

SMS marketing is the marketing strategy that isn’t going anywhere but up. With TCN you can make sure you’re not just marketing; you’re seeing the returns again and again and again.

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